Victory Ministries works to bring the Gospel of Christ to the globe through various channels.. The Ministry is led by founder and director S JebarajJesubaathum and JeyasudhaJebaraj along with their children J Samuel Pattrick and J Clement Daniel since 2011.

Victory Ministry helps people in several different ways. The ministry organizes crusades regularly, which sparks revivals and inspire many people to get to know the Lord on an intimate level. The ministry works incessantly to feed the hungry, to heal the sick, and to train up new Church leaders for the glory of the Kingdom of God.

Through this ministry many people came forward towards a accepting Christ as the saviour through healing and blessing in their personal and professional life. Many broken lives were established and the families are glorifying God being a testimony for his worksks. Many young crowds were accepted Jesus Christ as a saviour through a day and weekend Teen and youth retreats considering various one on one counselling programs.

Bro S JebarajJesubaathum and JeyasudhaJebarah travels around towards introducing the lost to Jesus and inspiring believers to become zealous in their own discipleship. The team under the shadow of God planning to lead healing crusades, power ministry camps, and helps with planting new churces throughout the globe.

samuelpattrick and Clement Daniel reach many with their parents in worshipping God with songs and music which plays a major role in glorying God.